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Winnipeg upset after city says it's not doing a Christmas tree this year

The Christmas season may almost be upon us, but one Canadian city won't be practicing its usual holiday tradition.

Winnipeg announced Tuesday that they won't be placing a Christmas tree in front of city hall like in previous years, and many are disappointed. 

The city experienced major damage to thousands of trees after a winter storm hit during Thanksgiving weekend.

Crews are still in the process of cleaning up, and city spokesperson Ken Allen told Global News all of the city's resources are currently being allocated to repairs.

"With our crews and significant resources dedicated to storm-related tree debris cleanup … we will not be able to install and light up a large spruce tree for the holiday season at City Hall this year," he said.

Usually the city chooses a tree donated by a Winnipeg resident to be featured outside city hall throughout the holiday season.

Allen told Global they'll be looking for another way to mark the occasion this year, but many aren't satisfied with that answer.

Some residents feel it won't truly be Christmas without the festive tree at city hall.

While others are using the opportunity to make fun of the city as a whole.

Meanwhile, other residents are pointing out how silly it is to get upset about one tree. 

And some are taking matters into their own hands and proposing that residents chip in for the tree. 

One resident even started a GoFundMe to raise money for it.

But regardless of whether Winnipeg lights a tree this year or not, Christmas will definitely still come to town.

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City of Winnipeg

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