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A woman in Canada was spotted walking her duck down the street

Canadian cities are somewhat notorious for their strange resident animals, from anthropomorphic squirrels to shopaholic raccoons to pigeons that take public transit and wear their lunch.

In a style typical of such Canadian wildlife, one Vancouver creature took the internet by storm this week when it was seen crossing a busy downtown street alongside its owner.

Bobbie the duck — who apparently comes from a long line of ducks, many of them named Bobbie, owned by one Vancouver woman — was filmed gallivanting around the city in its little white boots (because it's getting cold out, you guys).

The domestic white duck is the most recent pet belonging to the woman, known as the Vancouver Duck Lady, who has been a well-known personality in the city since the 1980s. She and her ducks have even been featured in a few documentaries.

The legend — whose real name is Laura-Kay Prophet — is often seen walking or carting her pet duck around the city, telling people's fortunes and generally just chatting up fellow Vancouverites.

Though some locals may know Prophet and Bobbie well, it's definitely understandable why others would be a bit taken aback to see the duo having a casual day out in the Vancouver city centre.

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Peter McCue

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