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Alligator spotted crossing the street in Montreal

You may think witnessing an alligator crossing a Montreal street in the dead of winter is one of those things that'll never happen to you, but a recent incident proves you truly never know. 

Mayssam Samaha told the Montreal Gazette she was having coffee with her friends this past weekend when she noticed an animal that looked exactly like an alligator crossing Rue Jarry in Montreal. 

She then lept from her seat and ran to capture the whole thing on video. 

The video, which she later posted to Twitter, shows the slow-moving animal crossing multiple lanes on the fairly busy street before ducking under a parked car on the other side of the road. 

Samaha told the Gazette she then saw a man, who was presumably the animal's owner, pick it up and put it in his minivan. 

Still, she was concerned for its safety.

"I was so worried about him, between the traffic and the temperature," she wrote online

Thankfully, this story has a happy ending. 

After the cafe owners called the police and Montreal Mayor Valerie Plante tweeted that she'd get city crews on the case, she then confirmed the animal was safe and sound. 

She tweeted that the alligator was returned to its rightful owner, who had all the necessary permits, and the animal was actually part of an educational project.

She also thanked the residents who flagged the situation and the police who reacted quickly. 

Lead photo by

Mayssam Samaha

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