car2go shutting down

Car2Go is shutting down all operations in Canada and the United States

The car-sharing service that makes getting around as convenient and easy as can be just announced that they're shutting down all North American operations. 

Car2Go, which became SHARE NOW earlier this year, is a service that allows you to "find, reserve, and unlock SHARE NOW cars in less than [two] seconds."

But unfortunately, come February, it'll be no more — at least not in Canada.

"The decision to close North America was made based on two extremely complicated realities," the company said in their announcement.

"The first being the volatile state of the global mobility landscape, and the second being the rising infrastructure complexities facing North American transportation today — such as a rapidly evolving competitive mobility landscape, the lack of necessary infrastructure to support new technology (including electric vehicle car share) and rising operating costs."

On top of shutting down in North America, they'll also be ceasing operations in London, Brussels and Florence. 

"Moving forward, SHARE NOW will focus on the remaining 18 European cities. We, along with our shareholders, believe these markets show the clearest potential for profitable growth and mobility innovation," they said.

Residents of Vancouver and Montreal — the two Canadian cities where this service currently operates — are taking to social media to express their disappointment. 

"Car2Go, which was recently absorbed into ShareNow, is exiting the Vancouver (and North American!) market," one Twitter user wrote

"One of the best things about living in Vancouver is there's almost always a car a few blocks away you can hop in if needed. This sucks."

And another said this announcement means Vancouver must move to legalize ride-sharing apps such as Uber and Lyft now more than ever. 

Uber is already legal in Montreal, yet residents are still sad to see SHARE NOW go.  

SHARE NOW will officially exit the North American market on February 29, 2020.

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