deer saved frozen lake canada

Deer saved on frozen lake in Canada and it was all caught on video

Three adorable deer were stranded on a patch of frozen ice in northern Ontario before being saved by a local skater, and the whole thing was caught on video. 

According to the Weather Network, Ryan Peterson went out for a skate during his lunch break near Kenora, Ont. when he saw three deer stranded on the ice.

Because the lake had frozen without snow on top, the deer had lost their footing and simply couldn't get back up without slipping. 

Peterson proceeded to film the encounter while doing what he had to do to save the poor stranded animals. 

He told The Weather Network he went back to town in order to find some rope to pull the animals to safety.

Once the first two deer were rescued, they immediately ran off. 

The third deer, sadly, appeared to have injured its hip during the initial fall and couldn't run off with its buddies. 

Peterson told The Weather Network he then called the Ontario Natural Resources Ministry and spoke to a local wildlife rehabilitator. 

The expert told him that because the lakes were not yet completely frozen, accessing the deer by vehicle — which would be required in order to transport the injured animal — was sadly not yet possible. 

Still, they said the animal would be safer on the island than it was in the middle of the ice. 

Lead photo by

The Weather Network

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