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Major increase in Move to Canada search activity following U.K. election

Canada may soon see an influx of immigrants from the U.K., because it seems online search results for "Move to Canada" have significantly spiked following their general election. 

The results of the U.K.'s general election, which saw the Tory's win the greatest majority since Margaret Thatcher, according to the London Economic, mean Boris Johnson will maintain his position as Prime Minister and do his best to get Brexit done by January 31. 

As results continued to come in overnight on December 12 and into the 13, search results for the phrase "Move to Canada" increased by 49 times more than usual, according to The Independent

uk election results

A search on google trends shows the spike in search results

Search traffic began to increase just eight minutes after the polls closed, with the greatest spike occurring at 8:16 a.m. Friday morning as voters awoke to news of the Tory majority. 

Although search results increased significantly following the election results, Canada isn't the only place people are looking to move. 

Search traffic for countries including Australia, France and Ireland also spiked. 

Residents of the U.K. are also taking to social media to express their desire to move to the Great White North. 

And some Canadians are all for it. 

But despite the fact that Canada is in fact a Commonwealth country, moving here isn't quite as simple as picking up and flying across the Atlantic Ocean. 

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