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People like to freeze their hair in Canada and the images are out of this world

Of the many winter traditions people across Canada celebrate each year, one in particular stands out as the most hair-raising. Literally!

The Takhini Hot Pools resort in Yukon Territory has been hosting its annual International Hair Freezing Contest since 2011, inspiring hundreds of people from around the world to create wild 'dos out of nothing but hair and ice.

Located just northwest of Whitehorse, the Takhini resort's network of therapeutic pools are fed by a natural hot spring that keeps the water deliciously warm 24/7.

Because they can't control the weather and the fast-freezing process really only works when temperatures dip below -20 C, organizers allow the International Hair Freezing Contest to run all winter long

"The purpose of the contest is to create the most creative frozen hairdos possible," reads the resort's website. "You soak in the hot springs and allow the steam to accumulate on your head while the cold air freezes your hair."

"After the hair is frozen and molded (when possible), you take pictures," the website continues. "We collect all the pictures during the contest and in March the top three pictures are chosen."

The best male hairstyle, female hairstyle, creative shot and group photo all net their subjects $750 each, plus a complimentary "30 Soak" Membership — good for 30 visits to Takhini Hot Springs.

Footage from years past suggests that judging this competition isn't easy.

Contestants are already tossing their frosted tips in the ring for next year's prize, which should be awarded in March of 2020.

So far, it's mostly frozen eyelashes and baby hairs, but as temperatures continue to dip in the Great White North we can expect to see more inventive shots coming out of Takhini.

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Takhini Hot Springs

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