mandarin duck

The world's most beautiful duck was just spotted in Canada

There are many beautiful things to see in Burnaby's wildlife, but one of the most stunning sights might just be this rare Mandarin Duck.

Last year a Mandarin Duck, which is actually native to Japan and China, appeared in Burnaby Lake. The animal attracted flocks of tourists and locals who wanted to catch a glimpse of the out of place rarity. 

The duck was named “Trevor” and could be seen between Burnaby Lake and Deer Lake. 

As of late, the duck was nowhere to be seen, up until Burnaby photographer, John Preissl, reunited with the animal this week.

“No one that we know of had seen him since last spring. We thought possibly an eagle got him. I finally got down to the lake this morning and Trevor was there. A bit skittish at first but then swam right up to me and stayed an hour directly in front of me,” Preissl told BurnabyNow.

According to the website Living with Birds, the Mandarin Duck is widely regarded as the world’s most beautiful duck. The species is known for their vibrant purple, white, blue, and orange colouring.

A similar instance occurred in Manhattan last year, when a Mandarin Duck began to call a duck pond in Central Park home. 

Lead photo by

Dusan Smetana

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