kittens for sale

This bookstore in Canada is filled with kittens and people can adopt them

One Canadian bookstore has found an innovative way to find new homes for orphaned kittens in its community.

Otis & Clementine's Books and Coffee outside of Halifax, Nova Scotia houses a bunch of furry friends among its shelves in the hopes that residents coming to pick up a few books may leave with a rescue cat, too.

kittens for saleThough some local bookshops are known for having a resident cat, this business fosters multiple adoptable kittens from local rescue South Paw Conservation Nova Scotia at a time.

They live in the store round-the-clock and provide endless entertainment — not to mention cuteness — for patrons. Visitors are encouraged to cozy up on one of the store's couches with a good book to read and a kitty to play with.

The felines serve as a sort of mascot for the shop, greeting and often surprising those who walk in in the door. And we must admit that the business model is genius — because who wouldn't love to visit a dreamy indie bookstore-slash-coffee-shop filled with adorable baby cats?

kittens for saleOtis & Clementine's also hosts Spanish classes and other events for the neighbourhood in their charming space, but understandably, the kittens serve as a huge draw.

The store seems like the perfect place to spend a few hours for anyone who finds themselves in the area.

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Otis & Clementine's Books and Coffee

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