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Brazen TV theft caught on camera outside Real Canadian Superstore

Here's something you don't see every day: A getaway vehicle fleeing the scene of a grocery store robbery, precious cargo dangling precariously out the back door.

At least two men are accused of stealing a large, likely quite expensive television from a Real Canadian Superstore in Langford, B.C.

A Facebook user who happened to be shopping at the time of the alleged theft shared video footage from the brazen act on Tuesday, December 31.

"These guys just stole this tv from superstore. Share this video. Let's get these guys caught," she wrote, inspiring more than 21,000 views (and counting.)

In the video, we see a black SUV with a large, 4K, UHD television hanging out the rear passenger's side door. A man in a white hoodie is desperately running alongside the vehicle, his pants falling down all the while.

After covering up his crack, the man catches up to the SUV and jumps in its passenger's seat.

The car drives off as a security guard looks on and does nothing. The TV can be seen precariously dangling out the side of the vehicle as it speeds away.

The Victoria News reports that RCMP officers did receive a report of a stolen TV from the Real Canadian Superstore in question on New Year's Eve, and that they are investigating the incident.

Lead photo by

Shannon Burnside

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