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Trudeau says Canada will give compensation to families of Iran plane crash victims

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau just announced that Canada will provide  financial compensation to the families of the 57 Canadians killed on the Ukraine International Airlines flight that was shot down by the Iranian military.

During a press conference earlier today, Trudeau said families will receive $25,000 per victim "to assist with their immediate needs, such as funeral arrangements and travel."

He said his team decided on this amount after consulting with families and hearing about their wishes for burial plans and more. Trudeau said that information has also been shared with Iran. 

He specified that this is only interim funding and that he expects Iran to eventually provide compensation to affected families as well. 

"Our focus right now is on supporting the families who need answers and assistance from the Iranian government," he said. 

"It is not the compensation that we expect will come and should come from Iran in due course, but these families need help now and we will be getting this money to them as quickly as we possibly can in the coming days."

Trudeau also emphasized that Iran must take full responsibility and recognize its duty in terms of what it owes to the families, including compensation. 

The Prime Minister said his government has managed to reach all families of Canadian citizens and the vast majority of permanent residents lost in the crash.

About 20 families have asked for their loved ones to be returned to Canada to be buried, he said, while many others will be buried in Iran. 

Trudeau also said he expects to begin to receive victim remains in Canada in the coming days. 

While Trudeau spoke to reporters earlier today, Foreign Affairs Minister Francois-Philippe Champagne met with his Iranian counterpart Jayad Zarif in Oman. 

Speaking of the plane's black boxes, Trudeau said they have been severely damaged and there are only a select few places in the world equipped with the proper technology to analyze them. 

France is one such place and they've offered to conduct the analysis, and Trudeau said Canada is encouraging Iranian authorities to agree to it. 

Trudeau also said Canada continues to call for a full and open investigation into the tragedy with better access for Canadian investigators. 

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