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Canada reacts to news plane was shot down by Iranian missile

Prime Minister Trudeau is among those confirming that all evidence suggests the Ukranian plane that crashed yesterday morning in Iran, killing all on board — many of them Canadians — was, in fact, shot down.

Iranian authorities initially claimed that the accident had most likely been caused by technical or mechanical difficulties, though they refused to grant the aircraft's manufacturer access to the black box holding crucial data about what happened with the flight.

U.S. and other intelligence is now saying that the plane was hit with surface-to-air missile fire, whether intentionally or accidentally.

Many Canadians are shocked about this revelation and its political implications, taking to social media to demand that Trudeau take a firm stand against Iran given the 63 Canadian lives lost.

Others are calling for continued attempts to de-escalate tensions with Iran to prevent a Third World War.

A number of people are also blaming the tragedy, at least in part, on U.S. President Donald Trump's killing of top Iranian military leader Qassim Soleimani last week, which led to to advent of trending hashtags like #TrumpsWar and #wwIII on social media.

After news broke of the ill-fated Ukraine International Airlines flight PS752, there was mass speculation that the accident may have been related to the backlash that took place after Soleimani's death, which included Iranian attacks on two military bases housing U.S. troops in Iraq.

Iran fired missiles at the bases just hours before PS752 crashed outside the capital city of Tehran on its way to Kiev, Ukraine, and video footage showed the aircraft engulfing into flames before falling from the sky — inconsistent with potential engine trouble.

The flight route was a popular one for travelers connecting to Toronto.

Among the 176 victims of the accident were also 82 Iranian, 11 Ukrainian, 10 Swedish, four Afghan, three German and three British nationals, making many wonder how Iran could have killed so many of its own people if the strike was in fact intentional.

Trudeau is among the sources suggesting the fire was likely misdirected and accidental, and is seeking the cooperation of Iran to further the investigation into what exactly happened.

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