canada snowmageddon

Canadian man gives hilarious drunk interview in the middle of snowmageddon

Unless you've spent the last few days living under a rock, you'll know that Canada's in the middle of snowmageddon.

Temperatures have plunged to -50°C in Alberta, people are pushing buses in Vancouver, and now, a man in Newfoundland has braved the snowstorm to give a hilarious drunk interview.

In the video, the Newfoundland local points at the television camera in evident confusion. The reporter explains to the local that he's on the Weather Network and reminds him to drive carefully, to which the man hilariously responds, "I don't drive, buddy. I'm too drunk all the time".

To his credit, the reporter recovers remarkably well, chuckling as he says, "Well, there you go; there's nothing like honesty on live television. It's 11 o'clock somewhere!"

Naturally, Canadians have been loving the short clip.

Some people were confused if the man was even speaking English.

And it wasn't just West Coasters — even the locals were stumped.

Other people applauded the man's decision to walk through snowmaggedon.

And some were loving the reporter's fresh take on "it's 5 o'clock somewhere".

Hopefully the video brings some cheer to Newfoundland locals, who are currently being advised to stay indoors by Environment Canada.

Lead photo by

Sherri Maher

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