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Canadians are getting trapped in China as airlines suspend flights

As of yesterday, Air Canada has cancelled all of its flights from major cities in China — leaving many Canadians trapped in areas affected by coronavirus.

And while Canada is sending a plane soon to evacuate citizens, many passengers stuck overseas are feeling abandoned.

Since Air Canada is overwhelmed with requests for customer service, it's impossible for the airline to reply to everyone — and many Canadians stuck in China are frustrated by the lack of communication.

Some Canadians are worried for family members that are trapped overseas.

And many people are scared that their loved ones won't be able to get back to Canada anytime soon.

Most Canadians trapped overseas just really want to come home.

And customers trying to phone the airlines are being put on hold for 90+ minutes.

Plus, there's a lot of confusion over which flights are actually cancelled.

With the increasing spread of coronavirus, however, many Canadians are relieved that flights are being suspended from China — and the ethical and economic questions surrounding flight suspensions right now are tricky.

Hopefully Air Canada will be able to provide its customers with more information as the situation progresses.

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Tzuhsun Hsu

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