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People aren't happy about this UK tabloid warning Harry and Meghan off Canada

Remember when the New York Times had Canadians up-in-arms over their "razzle dazzle" comment? Well, today, a UK tabloid published an article warning Prince Harry and Meghan Markle about the long list of "perils" in Canada — and Canadians aren't happy about it.

The Daily Mail story by British journalist Richard Addis is titled "Welcome to Canad-argh!". And while Addis begins the article by stating that he would gladly "go over Niagara Falls in a barrel for a Canadian passport", he makes some questionable (read: insane) claims about what life is like in the country.

Addis begins the article by warning Meghan and Harry about the dangers of Canadian wildlife: "The animals are psycopaths... The blackfly has razor sharp jaws which puncture the skin. Blood streams out."

He then moves on to critiquing the weather.

"The cold. It can fall as low as minus 20C... And don't dare go skiing at Mont-Tremblant near Montreal without a liberal covering of frostbite cream."

Addis is also clearly not a fan of the Canadian diet.

"As with all cold countries," he writes, "the diet treats calories like lottery winnings — in other words, the more the merrier."

He's particularly hard on poutine, which he identifies as the culprit behind the "characteristic bulge" in the Canadian waistline.

Finally, Addis wraps up the article by poking fun at the Canadian accent.

"Much of Canadian conversation consists of flat statements with an 'eh' at the end, as in 'You're coming to the ice hockey match, eh'. You have to treat it as a question."

Naturally, Canadians aren't happy about the article.

Some Twitter users are particularly confused by the idea of "frostbite cream".

Like, so confused.

I've never heard the nickname nor have I heard of frostbite cream but if it does exist I would like some.

And some people felt that Richard Addis missed out on what Canadians really use to prevent frostbite.

Meanwhile, others are baffled by the idea of not eating poutine.

Some Twitter users are pretty sure Richard Addis has never heard a Canadian speak before.

And others are 100 per cent sure that Richard Addis didn't leave the Toronto airport during his visit.

Most Canadians, however, are just really confused by some of the claims in general.

And one Canadian journalist decided to give Richard Addis a taste of his own medicine.

It seems British journalists still have some research to do when it comes to reporting on Canada and its citizens.

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