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Some cities in Canada are among the coldest places on earth right now

Canada is living up to it's bone chilling-cold reputation this week, but it's almost guaranteed that Canadians aren't feeling dazzled about it.

According to the Weather Network, Arctic air will remain situated across the region through this week. The deep freeze is courtesy of a cross-polar flow pulling in some of the coldest air in the Northern Hemisphere into the region.

Temperatures in Alberta are considered dangerous as windchills worsen the already frigid temperatures. 

Daytime highs are expected to go down to -30°C for parts of the region, with wind chills making them feel like -40s for some. Environment Canada has issued a number of extreme cold warnings throughout the province.

According to the Weather Network, Edmonton could actually set a new record low this week, as temperatures are forecasted to hit -33°C Tuesday (wind chill making it feel like -42°C), which would break the old record of -28.3°C from 2005.

The Weather Network is predicting that Edmonton could be among the coldest places on Earth on Tuesday, comparable to two other regions,Yellowknife, N.W.T. and Yakutsk, Russia known for their extremely frigid air.

Many cities in British Colombia are experiencing extreme cold right now, with some temperatures in the region dropping as low as -27 C, and feeling like -37 C with the windchill. 

Yellowknife looks to be the coldest, coming in with a temperature of -37 C, and feeling like -49 C with the windchill. At least it's sunny?

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