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The crowds at supermarkets in Newfoundland are totally out of control

After four days of being trapped under record-breaking mounds of snow, people in Newfoundland are finally surfacing from their homes to take advantage of the fact that grocery stores and pharmacies are open for the first time since an official state of emergency was called for parts of the province Friday morning.

Though the snow has stopped falling and the 150 km/h + winds have died down, the chaos is unfortunately continuing for residents today as they try to pick up food and other necessities.

Those who headed to supermarkets across the province this morning encountered lines that not only went out the door, but circled entire parking lots. Citizens understandably flocked to the stores to start lining up hours before they opened at 10 a.m. today. 

Though shops are quickly running out of key items (like shovels), restrictions have been lifted to allow them to remain open until 6 p.m. and to permit residents to use the roads for the first time in days.

The City of St. John's advised people to stock up if possible as the region is still at a standstill while dealing with the aftermath of the blizzard.

Shoppers are posting photos and videos of gigantic lines of hundreds that wound around plazas and snowbanks outside of Sobey's, Dominion and Colemans foods stores.

There are 15 Sobey's, 11 Dominion and 12 Colemans locations in Newfoundland, most of them in the St. John's area. But at least one store was not able to open due to storm damage.

In typical East Coast fashion, everyone seems to be staying calm, patient and polite in the face of a frustrating situation — they're even having a good laugh about it all.

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Julie Kavanagh

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