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People are sick of drivers in Canada not clearing the snow off their cars

No matter where you are in Canada today, chances are you're probably experiencing some pretty severe winter weather. 

And whether you're in the midst of a massive snowfall in Quebec or trapped behind a "snow door" in Newfoundland, it's safe to say we can all agree on one thing: Motorists who fail to properly clear snow and ice off their cars before driving are the absolute worst. 

You'd think it would be simple. Don't drive if there are massive chunks of ice and snow on your car that are likely to hit other vehicles while on the highway. Easy enough, no?

But somehow, for a few bad apples, the message just doesn't seem to resonate. 

It's gotten so bad that police forces and residents alike are literally begging people to do the courteous thing and properly clear off their cars. 

While others are using a less friendly approach.

"If you don’t completely and fully clear your car off of snow before driving, you are in the worst tiers of drivers and I hate you," one Twitter user wrote. 

And some are sharing some pretty scary photos of what happens when a sheet of ice smashes another car's windshield in hopes that maybe that, if anything, will finally sink in. 

Some are even going so far as to say drivers who fail to complete this necessary task shouldn't be allowed to drive at all. 

And even if you don't happen to have a scraper on hand — which is odd, because we all know owning one is just part of being Canadian — there are always other objects you can use instead. 

So the next time you're standing in the freezing cold with snow up to your knees while you scrape and brush massive amounts of snow from your car to the ground, just know that other drivers will be grateful. 

And if, for some unimaginable reason, you choose not to clear your car of snow — prepare to be the most hated driver on the road. 

Lead photo by

Katherine Rabicki

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