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Extreme cold grips Alberta and Saskatchewan as wind chill drops to -50 C

After days of persistent extreme cold weather alerts, residents of the Prairies will have to find even more layers to bundle up with because things are slated to get somehow even colder.

While cities like Calgary, Regina and Edmonton have been seeing temps in the -20s and -30s C lately, it will be dropping down to a shocking -50 C with the wind chill in areas of Alberta and Saskatchewan for the remainder of the week and into the weekend.

Polar air from the North Pole and Siberia is rushing through the provinces, putting the entirety of both under extreme cold warnings since yesterday afternoon.

The worst chills will be felt, of course, overnight, while many cities like Calgary, Saskatoon and Edmonton won't see temperatures above -20 C (feeling more like -40 C with the wind chill) for the duration of today and potentially beyond.

This is some of the coldest weather parts of the Prairies have seen in decades — some spots are even more freezing than the South Pole right now.

It's so frigid that local zoos are keeping their penguins inside, LRT tracks are cracking, crude oil is turning solid, school buses are being cancelled, ski hills and other attractions are closing and everything is freezing rock hard — including people's clothes.

Environment Canada is warning citizens to be extra careful during the cold snap, and to keep an eye out for cold-related symptoms like shortness of breath, muscle fatigue and numbness and/or colour change in extremities.

Experts are also obviously advising people to limit time outdoors as much as possible

Thankfully, things are due to warm up by more than 30 degrees for parts of the Prairies by Monday, ending the deep freeze (for now).

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Mike Maciaszek

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