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Man destroys bar in Montreal with baseball bat and the bartender had the best response

A viral video from inside a Montreal bar shows the moment a baseball bat wielding masked-man took to some bar taps in a fit of destruction. 

The video, posted to Facebook on January 6, shows the man enter the establishment where he begins smashing the beer taps at the bar, narrowly missing the bartender who happened to be pouring a drink at the time. 

The owner of the establishment, Piranha Bar, posted the video to Facebook and praised his employee for her reaction to the violent situation.

"It is an example of cold blood and extraordinary reaction, at the piranha bar in Montreal, from Valérie Gaudreau #barmaidtoughgirl who stayed in a cold calm and called the police despite the fact that it is blowing up the Pumps in the face," wrote Mathieu Malouin in a Facebook post.

In the video the bartender can be seen quickly moving her hands away from the taps as the assailant begins swinging.

She then stands in place watching as the man batters up on the rest of the bar before she takes out what appears to be a phone to call the police.

Patrons in the bar can be seen watching the situation unfold as they slowly gather their belongings. 

In another video posted to Facebook, the man can be seen smashing one of the bar's glass entrance doors before he flees the establishment.

Malouin wrote on Facebook that Police arrested the suspect at a McDonalds where he was allegedly threatening other people with the baseball bat.

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Mathieu Malouin

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