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Newfoundland declares state of emergency as historic snowstorm ravages province

After the West Coast of the country got walloped by a "snowmageddon" of proportions rarely seen in the region, the East Coast is now saying "hold my beer."

Parts of Newfoundland are officially in a state of emergency as a winter storm bringing a shocking 70+ cm of snow, 9-12 m waves and winds over 130 km/h started to hit the province today.

Most of the area is way past the usual points of bus cancellations and school snow days that the rest of the country is used to in the case of messy seasonal weather.

In the capital of St. John's, for example, all businesses have been ordered to close and people have been prohibited from driving their cars as of 11 a.m. on Friday.

Surrounding townships such as Torbay, Portugal Cove-St. Philip's, Paradise and Mount Pearl also issued states of emergency later in the day.

Residents have been taking to social media to share their epic and terrifying snow pictures while stores run out of supplies (chips, mainly), visibility nears zero and power outages abound during the full-on blizzard that the Weather Network is calling "a weather bomb." 

Environment Canada has issued a blizzard warning and a storm surge warning for St. John's and the vicinity, including Avalon Peninsula, Clarenville, Bonavista Peninsula, Notre Dame Bay and Ferryland.

The weather is the worst in the eastern part of the province, with conditions getting slightly better the more northwest you travel.

Parts of Newfoundland are also experiencing winter storm warnings, wind warnings and blowing snow advisories as what could end up being record levels of snow continue falling.

Certain locations could see more than 90 cm of the white stuff and winds approaching 150 km/h by the time the ordeal is over.

Flooding may even be possible at some point and 700 customers are currently without power. There have even been reports of people traveling by snowmobile and even using them for transportation to the hospital.

Newfoundlanders have been advised to prepare an emergency kit and just stay at home and hunker down until the conditions ease up later tomorrow.

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