snow in newfoundland

Someone in Newfoundland documented their car getting totally buried in snow

Newfoundland has been pretty crazy lately. Not only did the province declare a state of emergency last Friday, but many Newfoundlanders were literally snowed in after a blizzard dumped more than 70 cm of snow on the ground.

One local in St. John's documented his car getting totally buried during the storm — and the pictures are insane.

In a Facebook post, Greg Randell shared 11 photos of his car slowly vanishing beneath a mountain of snow. The photos were taken hourly between 6:30 a.m. and 4:30 p.m.

First, Randell took this photo.

And then he snapped this photo three hours later.

By 11:30, Randell knew that he would need a shovel.

And by 3:30, it was looking like he might need a snowplow.

And at 4:30, the car vanishes almost entirely.

The post — which has been shared over 35,000 times on Facebook — struck a chord with Canadians, who couldn't resist commenting on the hilarious photos.

"Well at least you will have a record of where your car is buried!" one user wrote. Another user in Ontario shared the photo, reminding his fellow Ontarians, "Remember when shovelling the foot of snow we have it could be very much worse."

Cleanup efforts after the storm are well underway in Newfoundland today, so hopefully the car is rescued soon.

Lead photo by

Greg Randell

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