snow in newfoundland

Someone created a tropical paradise out of the snow in Newfoundland

It's been one week since Newfoundland was hit with an unprecedented winter storm that dropped nearly a metre of snow on the province and left many trapped inside their houses. 

The province remains in a state of emergency to this day, though officials have said it will be lifted as of Saturday morning. 

Still, residents have spent an entire week with not much to do other than sit at home and wait for their snow doors to slowly melt. 

Because of this, many have been left to get creative with the one thing they currently have an endless supply of: snow. 

One group of Newfies did exactly that, and they managed to create a tropical paradise right in the midst of it all. 

Facebook user Nicole Roper posted several videos and a photo of the paradise she and fellow friends and family helped create yesterday, and it truly looks like a snowy-yet-tropical getaway. 

The videos posted to Facebook show a snow fort built around a fireplace with artificial palm trees, a tiki bar, a tapestry with an image of a tropical beach and umbrellas. 

The creative Newfoundland residents certainly appear to know how to make lemonade from lemons, and the videos even show them dancing along to music with a drink in hand. 

Many are commenting on the post and commending the group for making do in an otherwise unfortunate situation, and some are also saying Newfoundlanders have a particularly great attitude when it comes to facing challenges.

"Omg! I want to be friends with these people! Got to love that Newfoundland Spirit!" one Facebook user wrote

"Some people know how to have fun no matter what the weather. That is hilarious," another wrote

The post has managed to garner over 11k shares, 2k likes and 500 comments in a short time, and it's clear other Canadians are inspired by their positivity in the face of an obstacle. 

"Love this!! What a great way to make a tough situation lots of fun!" one user said

"We Canadians are tough and definitely know how to party through the hardest times!" another wrote. "Rock on!"

Lead photo by

Nicole Roper

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