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Joyous wedding videos emerge of Canadian couple killed in Iran plane crash

When a plane crashed just minutes after taking off from the Iranian capital’s main airport late Tuesday, 176 people were killed — two of which, tragically, were newlyweds. 

Pouneh Gorji and Arash Pourzarabi got married in Iran just several days ago and were on their way home to Edmonton along with several members of their wedding party when the Ukrainian International passenger plane went down, according to the National Post

Now, some are sharing joyous footage from their recent wedding ceremony in order to pay tribute the couple. 

"This #Iranian couple lost their lives in the #UkrainianPlaneCrash only a few days after celebrating their best day," journalist Gulbakh Bahrami wrote on Twitter.

"The video is a moment when the two families joyfully celebrated their [union]. Now mourning their death."

Amir Samani, a friend of the couple, told the National Post they had planned to have a second wedding ceremony when they returned home to Canada. 

Amir Forouzandeh, another of their friends, told the Post "they were basically the kindest souls that [he] knew."

Gorji and Pourzarabi were both graduate students at the University of Alberta, and they were among at least nine students and faculty from the school that perished in the crash. 

The University of Alberta released a statement about the tragedy yesterday, calling it "a devastating loss" and offering counselling and other services to students, staff, faculty and others in the community. 

While 63 Canadians were killed in the tragic incident, at least 30 were from Edmonton. 

The exact cause of the crash is still unknown, although Justin Trudeau confirmed that it's almost certain Iran shot the plane down with a missile.

Lead photo by

Iranian Heritage Society of Edmonton/Akhavan Studio

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