snow in newfoundland

This is what Newfoundland looks like after record-breaking snowstorm

Newfoundland is still reeling after an unprecedented winter storm dropped nearly a metre of snow on Friday amid massive waves and hurricane-level winds over 150 km/h.

During the official state of emergency, all businesses were shut and roads were completely closed to traffic (even plows), leading residents to come up with more creative ways to get around. 

Social media posts of people skiing, snowboarding, snowshoeing, snowmobiling and even dogsledding down streets abounded.

Newfoundlanders made the best of the inclement weather, with some turning their snow-blocked front doors into beer fridges and others donning shorts and Hawaiian shirts to make light of the mess.

Saturday presented the province with the Sisyphean task of shovelling cars, homes and selves out of the towering mounds of snow.

Hundreds of members of the Canadian Armed Forces were even called in to help clear roads and restore lost power.

States of emergency remained in effect in many parts of the province for the entirety of the weekend and are still in place today with a few stipulations to permit emergency refuelling, snow clearing and access to pharmacies and supplies in some areas.

St. John's International Airport will stay closed until further notice.

For many, the drifts that completely covered windows and doors meant that a whole new tactic was needed for clearing the snow.

Some transported snow from blocked entryways into bathtubs just so they could get out of the house, while others realized that snowblowers would sadly serve as no match for their driveways.

Though the storm was indeed frightening and record-breaking (and left a whole lot to clean up) citizens were largely able keep their senses of humour about the whole thing and even have a bit of fun amid the chaos — so much so that it almost feels like the rest of us missed out on something special.

Lead photo by

Kimmy Sangha

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