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The last two remaining Zellers stores in Canada are closing this month

The last two remaining Zellers stores in Canada are officially closing at the end of the month, marking the end of an era for the Canadian retailer. 

The last two locations in Canada can be found in Ottawa and Toronto. Both stores, which are stocked with discounted merchandise from the Bay, will be closing officially by the end of the month.

News of the retailer's final demise became public in the fall of 2019. A spokesperson for the retailer said the closure is all part of a normal course of business. 

“Through the normal course of business we continually evaluate store performance and other factors, and may determine it necessary to close a store,” spokeswoman Tiffany Bourre wrote in an emailed statement to Global News in September.

The news of the closure has sparked fond memories of Canada's 1990's and early 2000's retail scene for some. 

Who could forgot the catchy jingles or store mascot, Zeddy?

Many people also recall the in store restaurant, which is now just a distant memory.

What about this iconic commercial?

Many are sad to see the final stores go, even if they didn't even know they were there to begin with.

Perhaps all those who are saddened by the shuttering of the final locations will find comfort in the 70 to 90 per cent off closing sales.

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