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Air Canada is so overwhelmed with coronavirus it can't handle the phone calls

Air Canada is fighting to keep its head above water as coronavirus wreaks havoc on flights across the world.

Not only did Air Canada lose $200 million after being forced to cancel all flights to China due to the epidemic, but the airline also recently came under fire for having a passenger with coronavirus on one of their Montreal-Vancouver flights.

And now, Air Canada is struggling to even pick up the phone.

Air Canada customers urgently re-booking flights are being forced to wait hours to reach a customer service agent — and that's if they're lucky enough to get through at all.

The airline even recorded a message on Thursday warning customers that they wouldn't be able to take their call due to coronavirus re-bookings.

Air Canada was so overwhelmed with calls that they couldn't even put passengers on hold.

In fact, the airline refused to speak with passengers over the phone unless their departure time was in the next 48 hours.

And considering that the email response time is 30 days, customers were being left with few options.

One customer that managed to get through to the airline was disappointed after Air Canada hung up on her.

And this customer had the same experience.

With Air Canada officially extending its cancellation of all flights between Canada and China to April 10 due to coronavirus, customers should brace themselves for more frustrating wait times over the next few months.

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