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Here's what happened with the Air Canada plane that made emergency landing in Madrid

An Air Canada flight was forced to made an emergency landing in Madrid on Monday after the plane's landing gear fell into one of its engines.

Flight AC837 was returning from Madrid to Toronto with 128 passengers on board when it experienced an engine issue shortly after leaving the ground.

The pilot radioed Madrid Barajas and informed air traffic control that the plane would need to return immediately.

One of the aircraft’s 10 tires ruptured during takeoff, making it impossible for the plane to continue to Toronto.

The aircraft circled the airspace above Madrid for over two-and-a-half hours in order to lessen its fuel load.

Spain's Defense Military dispatched an F18 fighter jet to evaluate the damage to the Air Canada Boeing 767-300.

The fighter jet did a visual inspection of the landing gear to ensure that it was safe for the plane to land.

The Air Canada flight eventually landed in Madrid's Barajas airport at 7:15 p.m. local time.

After a nail-biting landing, passengers burst into loud applause, and a few people even whistled.

Emergency vehicles with flashing lights arrived to greet the plane.

Passengers were ushered through the airport, accompanied by the Spanish military and police force. They were then transferred to a large coach bus and transported to safety.

Pictures of the damaged tire have emerged following the incident.

The rubber has been badly burned, leaving one side of the steel frame completely exposed; it's hard to believe that the Air Canada pilot managed to land the plane so smoothly under the circumstances.

People across the world have reached out to congratulate Air Canada on their excellent job.

This person pointed out that the crew deserves some time at the Ritz.

And this person noted that, sometimes, teamwork really does make the dream work.

Canadians especially were feeling pretty patriotic.

And this person really summed up how everyone was feeling after the plane touched down.

Hopefully the Air Canada flight crew are taking some well-deserved vacation days this week.

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