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Calgary police forced to retract ValenCrimes cards after angry backlash

Calgary police were forced to retract their ValenCrimes cards on Thursday after massive backlash from the public.

The police department released the light-hearted cards on February 14. Each card featured a different wanted criminal, displaying their picture alongside a physical description, warrant, and contact number.

Now, Calgary police have retracted the cards and said that the campaign may have "lacked sensitivity."

In a letter posted Thursday afternoon, Chief Mark Neufeld said, "We received some thoughtful comments and dialogue on Twitter expressing concern that the ValenCrimes posts lacked sensitivity and may be stigmatizing for the individuals profiled."

"In light of the significant responses, both positive and negative, received over the course of the Family Day long weekend, we completed a review of the initiative."

"The 2020 posts/profiles have been removed from our social media accounts. We will of course, continue to use our regular warrant process to accomplish the objective."

So far, the reaction to the Calgary police retracting the cards has been largely mixed.

Some Canadians are applauding the police's retraction.

And others felt that the police still hadn't even acknowledged all of the issues with the cards.

But some Canadians were sad to see the ValenCrimes go.

And others pointed out that the cards probably did more good than ill.

This is the second time that the Calgary police have run the ValenCrimes campaign; in 2019, the initiative resulted in five of the eight profiled offenders being located and arrested.

The Calgary police confirmed that they won't be running the campaign again in 2021.

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