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People in Canada are outraged at car decal of train hitting protesters

A photo of a particularly tasteless car decal out of Alberta is causing outrage across the country.

The sticker, which reads "Alberta strong," depicts a speeding train hitting a number of people, some of whom are flying away from or being dragged under the locomotive — ostensibly a nod to the rail blockades that have been taking place in solidarity with Wet'suwet'en First Nation over the past three weeks.

Alberta car detailer Matt Bussey has been selling the graphics for people's rear windshields for $5 a piece as Canada's social, political and economic tensions heighten due to the ongoing demonstrations.

He told the Star that he thought his idea for the decal was "funny," despite the fact that people have actually been driving into protestors lately. Albertans in particular have gotten physical with the transportation blockades, taking matters into their own hands to disassemble them while confronting activists.

This somehow isn't the first time a decal out of the province has shocked and disgusted people in the past 24 hours, either.

Alberta-based X-Site Energy Services is currently being blasted after people took to social media to circulate a vulgar logo created by the oilfield company.

The NSFW image shows climate activist Greta Thunberg — who just turned 17 years old — engaging in a sex act, with the company's name underneath. The teen is recognizable in the sticker by her characteristic pigtails (that a man is shown holding on to) and the name "Greta" scrawled across her lower back.

Given her age, it is technically child pornography.

The graphic has been denounced by members of the provincial government, among others, causing X-Site to shut down all of their social media accounts as a result of the negative attention.

Maybe it would better to let Wexiters separate from the rest of Canada after all.

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