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Canada admits to secretly paying for Harry and Meghan's security since last year

Remember when Canada was considering paying for Harry and Meghan's security? Well, it turns out that the government wasn't just considering it — they were already shelling out the cash.

According to Public Safety Minister Bill Blair's office, Canada has been secretly paying for the Sussex's security detail since November 2019.

The Canadian government initially said that they had footed Harry and Meghan's security bill "intermittently" since October, but issued a correction soon after.

The office confirmed that it will stop offering the Sussex family protection in March.

Meghan and Harry — who are currently residing in Vancouver — are recognized as "Internationally Protected Persons," and were therefore entitled to protection by both RCMP and Canadian metropolitan police.

The reaction to the news has been mixed so far.

Some Canadians felt betrayed by the government's refusal to comment on the situation — until officials could conveniently say that they were no longer paying for Harry and Meghan's security detail, of course.

While others felt that Justin Trudeau made a sensible decision in providing temporary security.

With rumours swirling about Harry and Meghan moving to Los Angeles soon, it seems that the couple might have just confirmed their date of departure: March.

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