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Canadian firefighter accidentally breaks world record while raising money for charity

This afternoon, an Edmonton firefighter accidentally broke a world record while raising money for muscular dystrophy.

Wesley Bauman was participating in the annual rooftop camp-out, where firefighters brave the cold and spend four nights on the roof of a downtown firehall to raise money for MD.

This year, Bauman decided to take things a step further by spending time submerged in an "ice coffin" — an airtight chamber filled with 500 pounds of ice.

Although his goal was to raise awareness for the 50,000 Canadians living with MD, he managed to shatter a world record in the process.

His total time in the ice?

Two hours and 20 minutes.

Edmonton Firefighters have been raising funds for muscular dystrophy since 1954.

This year, they plan to raise $100,000.

Lead photo by

Ernie Iceman

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