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Canadians are boarding the evacuation flight from Wuhan and here's what you need to know

Canadians are currently boarding an emergency evacuation flight in Wuhan; the flight will stop in Vancouver, B.C. to refuel before landing in Trenton, Ont. early February 7.

Minister of Foreign Affairs François-Philippe Champagne said that 347 Canadians have asked to be evacuated from the area.

There were 211 passengers on the flight manifest this morning, but 17 passengers did not show up.

Champagne says that — between the two flights departing Wuhan this afternoon — two-thirds of Canadians in the area will be repatriated by February 7.

A second flight will be provided for remaining Canadians.

The flight will depart Wuhan on February 10, and land in Canada on February 11.

The delay will allow Canadian officials enough time to provide Chinese authorities with a flight manifest.

Minister of Health Patty Hajdu said that all passengers will write a health declaration before landing.

Officials may also request additional information from "high-risk" travellers.

If a passenger shows symptoms of coronavirus while on the flight, they will be isolated on the plane. Airport staff in Vancouver and Trenton will be informed of any ill passengers before the flight lands.

Hajdu added that passengers will undergo a daily health assessment while in isolation at Trenton.

Mental health supports will also be available on site, as passengers — having been on lock-down in Wuhan alongside 50 million people — "readjust to life in Canada."

Hajdu confirmed there will be enough room in Trenton for both flights landing in Canada today, but said that the flight landing on February 11 may have to be directed elsewhere.

Champagne also addressed the cruise ship quarantined in Japan, where 251 Canadians are in isolation for 14 days following an outbreak of coronavirus.

He told reporters that Canada must "respect Japanese authority," but promised that Canadians onboard the ship would have access to all the help they need — including prescription medications.

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