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304 Canadians have asked to be evacuated from China but status of flight still uncertain

Canadian officials may have secured a plane to bring citizens home from Wuhan, but the aircraft still hasn't departed — and 304 Canadians are now asking for evacuation.

The number is down from the previous reported 325 Canadians asking for government assistance.

The plane will fly from Vietnam and land in Wuhan.

Initially, Canadians officials said that they will "explore all avenues to assist Canadians in departing from Wuhan" should the number of passengers outweigh the number of available seats.

Now, Canada's Foreign Minister François-Philippe Champagne says that a second plane will be secured if required.

Passengers will be prioritized according to emergency disaster protocol; pregnant women and children will be boarded first.

Families will also be allowed to stay together.

Passengers boarding the plane will be screened twice: first, by Chinese health officials, and then by Canadian health care providers.

Any passengers showing symptoms of coronavirus before the flight will not be allowed to board. Passengers showing symptoms upon landing will be "segregated" from the rest of the passengers.

Canadian officials are still waiting for Chinese visa approval before they can fly to Wuhan to assist in the evacuation.

The federal government says that returning Canadians will undergo a two-week period of observation at the Canadian Forces Base in Trenton, Ont., upon arrival.

The base is located about 170 km east of Toronto.

Chief of Defence Staff General Jonathan Vance reassured local families that measures were in place to "safeguard the health and security of everyone."

Canadian officials have yet to announce when the planes will land in Wuhan to evacuate citizens.

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