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Canadians won't stop trying the viral broomstick challenge

Another day, another viral social media challenge taking the internet by storm. 

Twitter users began partaking in the now viral #BroomChallenge Monday night, posting videos and photos of brooms standing straight up on their own as if to be some kind of magic. 

Some users cited supposed information from NASA that a specific gravitational phenomenon on February 10 was making this happen, though they've since confirmed that the standing brooms are the result of basic physics and will do so any day of the year. 

The Kennedy Space Centre Visitor Complex also chimed in and mentioned that it's actually a broom's low centre of gravity that allows it to stand, but that's not stopping Canadians from trying it at home. 

Many Canadian users proudly posted videos and photos of their successful broom challenges to Twitter. 

Though not everyone was able to figure it out. 

Some celebrities even got in the challenge, including Canadian rapper Tory Lanez. 

Though the challenge is entirely harmless, NASA is taking the opportunity to emphasize the importance of fact-checking and research.

"This is another social media hoax that exemplifies how quickly pseudoscience and false claims can go viral," they said in a statement.

"While this hoax was harmless, it also shows why it’s important for all of us to do some fact checking and research — including checking in with @NASA and for real science fun facts — before jumping into the latest viral craze."

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