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These are the cities in Canada where millennials want to move to the most

Finding affordable housing in Canada is a struggle for most millennials — but it seems that young adults aged 23 to 38 are choosing one province in particular.

According to a recent study by Ryerson University, many young adults are ditching big cities like Vancouver, Montreal and Toronto and moving to places with more affordable housing.

Ontario seems to be the biggest draw.

Ottawa tops the list of places that millennials are moving to, raking in about 3,100 people each year. Simcoe County, Durham Region, Halton Region and Waterloo claim the next spots.

Victoria, B.C. ranked number six — the only place outside of Ontario to make the top few slots.

So what's so attractive about these places?

Well, jobs, for one.

Ottawa has the one of the lowest unemployment rates in Canada (4.2 per cent in January), making it ideal for recent graduates seeking employment.

Plus, the Ottawa housing market is ideal for first-time buyers; although renting can be pricey, the city offers some of the nicest houses to buy at the cheapest price points in Canada.

And since Ottawa also boasts an Instagrammable tropical garden and a trendy neighbourhood with vegan bakeries, it's really no surprise that the city is attractive to young people.

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