canada valentine's day cards

Companies across Canada are sharing cute and corny Valentine's day cards

In case you forgot to check your calendar this morning, it's officially Valentine's Day — and Canadian companies are going all-out with the cheesy cards for 2020.

Hockey Night in Canada released four hilarious cards to celebrate the occasion.

While Canada Beef put out a pun-filled card for steak lovers.

The Canada Revenue Agency wants Canadians to update their marital status together.

And the Toronto Raptors referenced the time that Serge Ibaka almost broke the Internet with his scarf.

Canadian Tire found something more exciting than chocolate in their heart-shaped boxes.

And Tennis Canada gave a shout-out to Vasek Pospisil, who is better known these days as the "big maple syrup" guy.

RCMP Alberta created an oddly charming but serious card about the pitfalls of car theft.

While Air Canada asked travellers a very important question.

It was the Government of Canada, however, that won the day with its cheesy but accurate Valentine's Day card.

Happy Valentine's Day, Canada.

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Government of Canada

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