Canada's first LGTBQ gym forced to shut down because internet trolls are the worst

Canada's first LGBTQ gym was forced to close after months of online harassment from Internet trolls.

Edmonton-based gym Queerflex was bombarded with online threats, containing homophobic language and intrusive personal details about the gym's members and staff.

One derogative post called the gym's board and staff "gender confused unicorns."

The online culprits — Patriot Pride Canada Wide — have a reputation for targeting left-wing human rights groups.

Queerflex said that they "deeply regret" the closure.

The gym wrote, "The decision to close the doors to the QUEERFLEX gym permanently has come as a result of careful consideration of all possible alternatives."

"The Board of Directors is deeply committed to creating safer spaces for our community and this decision has not come lightly."

Many Canadians have reached out to show their love and support for the LGBTQ community in the wake of the news.

One woman was angered by the hatred that exists in the world.

And another person took a moment to thank everyone that made Queerflex possible.

Edmonton police are investigating the posts.

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