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Man arrested after video of couple smoking meth on public transit goes viral

Riding public transit can be a weird and outright scary experience for commuters — something that some Edmontonians have fresh in their minds after two commuters were filmed smoking meth on an LRT train.

One resident, who was taking the train with his mother on the way back from a recent Oilers game, filmed the incident in a video that has now gone viral.

The footage depicts a man and a woman smoking a cigarette and then illicit drugs out of a pipe while casually seated on the vehicle amid a number of other passengers. They rode (and smoked) for at least six stops, from sometime before the Bay/Enterprise Square Station stop to South Campus.

According to CTV News Edmonton, at least one individual attempted to alert the driver by pressing the train's emergency button to no avail.

"Everyone was in shock. The whole train was scared, even," the filmer told CTV.

Luckily, no major confrontation occurred and no one was hurt, though the whole ordeal seemed tense and awkward for all present.

Also, thankfully, no children were in the direct vicinity of the two passengers.

Though the clip is shocking, it apparently isn't all that surprising to some in Edmonton.

Many took to social media to poke fun at the video, while others used it to talk about the fact that addiction — and meth in particular — is unfortunately a common problem in Edmonton. 

The man from the footage has since been found and arrested by police, while the woman has been identified but has yet to be taken into custody. 

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