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Montreal is in mourning after famous male strip club Le 281 says its closing

Le 281 — a famous Montreal male strip club — is officially closing its doors, and the whole city has gone into mourning.

Established in 1980, the strip club has been the go-to destination for birthday celebrations, bachelorette parties or a boozy Friday night out for close to four decades.

The owner of the establishment, Annie Delisle, shared the news to Instagram on Thursday.

The caption reads, "Le 281 will close down on September 5. The building housing it has been sold to a property developer."

"At a time when the property market is growing rapidly, the owner of Le 281, Annie Delisle, has accepted an offer from a developer to purchase the building which houses the institution."

"The stage will continue to dazzle between now and the official closing date, with a ton of new acts and our upcoming 40th anniversary celebrations starting on April 14th."

Understandably, many Montreal locals are devastated by the loss of the iconic institution.

One woman posted a photo in tribute to the club.

And another person felt that Montreal was really heading downhill with the loss of the club.

While this man took a moment to express his sympathy for the "very difficult time" that women are going through.

Montreal has experienced a number of bar closures lately, including Club Copacabana, which was recently replaced by a new club after 21 years of operation.

With rent prices skyrocketing across the city, there's no telling how many more bars in Montreal will be closing in the next few months.

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