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5 more Canadians test positive for coronavirus on cruise ship

Five more Canadians tested positive for coronavirus on the quarantined cruise ship off the coast of Japan, bringing the total number to seven.

According to Princess Cruises, 41 passengers tested positive for the virus during the latest round of testing. They'll be transferred to a local hospital for further treatment.

Princess Cruises thanked guests for their understanding.

The cruise line said the other nationalities that tested positive include one person from Argentina, five from Australia, 21 from Japan, one from the United Kingdom and eight from the United States.

The quarantine will end on February 19, barring "any other unforeseen developments."

Passengers are being provided with masks, thermometers, prescription medications, morning crosswords, TV channels, free wi-fi, and regular meals of anything from aloe vera yogurt to fish and vegetables.

For many Canadian passengers, what was supposed to be a relaxing holiday has turned into the vacation from hell.

Still, many are making the best of a bad situation.

This Canadian-American couple posted a hilarious video about their escape attempt with the caption #trumpsaveus.

And this passenger encouraged a Canadian woman to be more positive.

This American passenger is pretty sure that Gordon Ramsay is working in the kitchens below deck.

And this family is just really happy to get some fresh air.

This passenger has really improved their knowledge about custom pools.

And this woman from Surrey, B.C. is making Canadians proud by staying strong.

There are now seven cases of coronavirus in Canada — three in Ontario, and four in B.C.

Including the passengers aboard the cruise ship, 14 Canadians have been diagnosed with coronavirus.

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