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Pink smoke appeared in the sky above Edmonton and it's still a mystery exactly why

Mysterious pink smoke appeared above Edmonton this morning, and nobody knows exactly what it's from.

At 11:30 a.m., Edmonton locals were surprised to spot eerie magenta clouds hanging in the sky. The smoke appeared in the east of the city, and naturally, Canadians were more than a little confused.

One man suggested an epic gender reveal.

Which seemed to be a popular theory.

While others joked that Canada was getting a pope, since white smoke is traditionally released from the Sistine Chapel when a new pope is chosen.

One person even chimed in with a scientific explanation for the mysterious phenomenon.

While another Canadian had a more... unusual explanation.

But really, most Canadians were just straight-up confused by the ominous pink clouds.

Some Edmonton locals were so alarmed by the otherworldly pink smoke that they called the fire department.

Fortunately, Edmonton Fire was able to arrive at the scene within 11 minutes and confirm that the pink clouds weren't actually a fire — they were coming from the city-owned Waste Management Centre on Aurum Road.

The City of Edmonton has yet to confirm the cause of the pink smoke, but locals are speculating that it could be attributed to iodine that wasn't properly disposed of during the waste management process.

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