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People in Canada who legally use cannabis could have their Nexus cards taken away

The U.S. government apparently thinks Canadians who smoke weed are high-risk travelers, according to rules given to border patrol guards.

Though some residents have already had a difficult time at the border upon admitting that they do indulge in the indica, it seems that there will be further issues for Canadian cannabis users who frequently travel to the states.

A recently-publicized (though partially censored) job information guide for U.S. Customs and Border Protection supervisors states that any "alien" who says they use marijuana will "not be eligible for a Trusted Traveller Program," according to Global News.

This means that frequent fliers who rely on programs like Nexus for quicker travel may lose their status, or be ineligible in the first place.

The card-bearing program is popular among "trusted, pre-approved, low-risk travellers" who reap benefits like reserved lanes, shorter lines and generally easier and faster processes at border entry points.

These newly-revealed stipulations surrounding who qualifies as "low-risk" also apply to eligibility for similar programs, like FAST, used by commercial big rig drivers.

Though cannabis has been fully legal north of the border since 2018 and passengers are allowed to travel with it within the country (even as a carry-on in plane cabins), the drug is still illegal federally in the U.S. and in most states, and Canadians are not allowed to cross any international border with marijuana in their possession.

There have been horror stories of individuals who dabble in dope-smoking actually getting completely banned for life from the U.S. post-Canadian legalization, though those stories are the exception, not the norm.

Still, pot users should exercise the utmost discretion and caution when crossing an international border — and when answering questions from border patrol — so as not to cause any issue for themselves. 

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