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People are calling Peter Nygard the Jeffrey Epstein of Canada as more allegations flood in

Peter Nygard, the Finnish-Canadian founder of clothing brand Nygard International, has been making headlines this week after ten women filed a class-action lawsuit claiming the fashion mogul ran a drug-fueled sex trafficking ring out of his Bahamas estate.

Since the news broke on February 13, hundreds of people have come forward with either corroborating information or experiences of their own with the now-disgraced 77-year-old.

The lengthy civil suit — no criminal charges are being laid — claims that Nygard held "pamper parties" over a number of years during which he would rape and otherwise sexually assault girls as young as 14 after luring them in with money, promises of modelling opportunities and more.

He would then force them to recruit other girls and women.

Drugs and alcohol were allegedly often involved, as were other members of Nygard's eponymous company, who the plaintiffs say not only knew about, but helped facilitate and even benefited from the offences (i.e. they were paid off to keep silent).

Prince Andrew, who has famously been connected with American financier and sex offender Jeffrey Epstein, has visited Nygard's 150,000-square-foot beachfront home in the Bahamas in the past, and the similarities between the allegations against Nygard and Epstein are uncanny.

Though he was once called the "Hugh Hefner of Canada," some have now granted Nygard the epithet of "the Canadian Jeffrey Epstein."

Law enforcement and Bahamian political figures including former prime ministers have also been named in connection to the alleged activities, and at least one is denying the claims and plans to take legal action for being wrongfully named.

Local police in the Bahamas will also be conducting their own investigation of the alleged crimes.

The whole story gets even more complicated when taking into account the ongoing legal drama between Nygard and his billionaire neighbour in the Bahamas — which Nygard's lawyer says these new allegations are a part of in what has been a years-long attempt to destroy the fashion magnate's life and reputation.

The neighbours have in the past accused one another of things as serious as murder.

Though he's been accused of sexual assault before, Nygard has denied all allegations, calling these most recent ones "completely false" despite the fact that dozens more victims and witnesses are now speaking up.

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