prince albert puppies

Puppies rescued after being found abandoned next to highway in Canada

On February 7, five puppies were found abandoned next to a highway in Prince Albert, Sask. — but a local rescue shelter is giving the pups a chance at a brighter future.

The Prince Albert SPCA is currently caring for the gaggle of six-month-old puppies.

On Friday, the shelter asked for donations of dry puppy food and puppy milk replacement to feed the litter of pups.

Canadians everywhere stepped up to the challenge.

Dozens of people offered to foster the dogs, and some even asked if they could bring in blankets and toys.

This man was ready to take a puppy home ASAP.

And this woman was ready to fight for the puppies' honour.

This person was relieved that they were rescued.

And this person took the opportunity to share her own heartwarming story.

According to the Prince Albert SPCA Facebook page, the puppies have — happily — already found a foster home.

Lead photo by

Prince Albert SPCA

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