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The skyline in Montreal is soon going to look a lot different

Montreal's skyline is about to get a serious makeover; the city is introducing eco-friendly skyscrapers, and they could be here within the next few years.

Quebec-based property company Carbonleo released renderings of their new Royalmount project which will unite "the serenity of nature" with "the bustle and excitement of the city."

The neighbourhood will include restaurants, green spaces, boutiques, hotels, offices, and residential towers adorned with vertical gardens.

royalmountRoyalmount aims to follow the principles of "POD:" pedestrian-oriented development.

The site will offer a 3.8 kilometre path through urban woodland, as well as a covered pedestrian link that connects to the De la Savane metro station, where a public square and mobility hub will be set up — which Carbonleo is footing the bill for.

There will also be an electric shuttle system to facilitate travel around the Royalmount site.

royalmountThe futuristic space will boast a multi-functional venue capable of accommodating new types of events, such as "holographic shows or e-gaming competitions."

Even more impressive is Royalmount's use of geothermal energy and a rainwater recovery system — an admirable example of sustainable development.

royalmountAlthough there is still a lot of backlash against the Royalmount project, Carbonleo thanked Montreal citizens for voicing their objections, saying, "Their contribution has given us a lot of food for thought."

Phase one of the innovative space is set to open in 2022.

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