snow tunnel

A man in Canada made snow tunnels for his dogs and their reactions were adorable

One man from Winnipeg has officially become the best dog dad ever after he made a winter playground for his pups out of the snow in his backyard.

Brian Einarson posted some videos of his three dogs excitedly bolting out of his back door to sniff around and climb a series of mini forts he crafted out of snow, each with a number of tunnels and fun spaces to explore.

The winter wonderland even has little patterns carved into the sides of each mound, showing the time, effort and love that clearly went into the pet project.

Einarson's footage from this past week has gone viral after being reposted by a number of other social media accounts and viewed hundreds of thousands of times, but it's not the first time he's made the miniature igloos or posted popular videos showing his doggos' adorable reactions.

In fact, the puppy playground is something he makes every winter for his two pugs and heeler, along with things like kitty litter-themed birthday cakes for his cat, Julius. 

Clearly, his pets are very lucky to have him.

Lead photo by

Brian Einarson

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