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Someone in Canada just found the perfect parking spot for their tiny car

Finding a parking spot in Canada's big cities is a lot like finding water in the Sahara desert: literally impossible. Unless you're this genius driver in Montreal, of course.

On Tuesday, a Smart car driver decided to beat the system by parking perpendicular on rue Sainte-Catherine in Montreal's busy downtown area.

Several eye-witnesses snapped photos of the car stationed outside of Holt Renfrew Ogilvy.

Unfortunately for the Smart car driver, parking perpendicular to a curb is actually illegal in Montreal.

Any driver that breaks the rule is liable to get a $52 ticket — hence the police cars in the photo.

Several people suggested on the Facebook post that the driver might be from Europe, where parking perpendicular is actually pretty common.

But it seems like perpendicular parking in Montreal is actually an ongoing problem, considering the amount of Smart cars that have attempted it this winter.

Hopefully whatever the Smart car driver was buying in Holt Renfrew was worth the $52 ticket.

Lead photo by

Maxime Boivin

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