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Someone was caught on video being dragged along the street by a bus

A video of a woman being voluntarily dragged behind a bus on an icy Montreal street has gone viral since it was first posted to social media Saturday, and police are investigating the incident. 

The video was posted to multiple social media platforms by user cass.officiel, a self-prescribed "adrenaline addict" who is into extreme sports. 

She originally posted the video Saturday along with the caption "When you miss your bus," and it has since received thousands of views.

And though many social media users seem to be entertained and impressed by the adventurous act in the video, it is of course quite dangerous and understandably illegal. 

Police spokeswoman Caroline Chèvrefils said collision specialists were made aware of the video Saturday and began investigating Sunday morning, according to a Canadian Press report

She said the authenticity of the video had yet to be confirmed as of Sunday morning, but the action is considered car surfing and is punishable by a fine of about $1,500 and 12 demerit points under the Highway Safety Code.

SPVM spokesperson Jean-Pierre Brabant told CTV News the case would become criminal if someone else was hurt in the process.

"People can hurt themselves and hurt other people, (and) if they hurt other people, it's a criminal case," he said. 

"We don't suggest to anyone to do this because this is really dangerous."

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