spring forecast 2020 Canada

Here's the spring forecast for 2020 in Canada

Canada's 2020 spring forecast, released today by the Weather Network, should please all fans of soppy, soaking, wet and wild weather.

That's right; this spring is shaping up to be a messy one across the entire country, with alternating periods of warm and cool temperatures predicted for March, April and May.

"Spring is notorious for bringing changeable weather and this year will be no exception," reads the Weather Network's long range seasonal forecast.

"Periods of warmer than normal weather are likely across the country, but extended interruptions will test our patience at times. For much Canada, these alternating periods of warm and cold weather will offset each other with near-normal temperatures."

The eastern half of Canada is expected to be warmer over the next three months than has been the past two springs, while colder than normal weather is forecast from northern Manitoba to northern Quebec.

Nunavut will also be colder than normal, according to the Weather Network, while much of B.C., Alberta, Yukon and parts of the Northwest Territories should post higher than average temperatures.

Wherever you live in the country, however, you can expect to get wet.

"Most of Canada is expected to see either near-normal or above-normal precipitation during the spring season," reads the Weather Network's forecast.

"Wetter than normal weather is expected this spring for the Great Lakes region, along the St. Lawrence and into the Maritimes. A wet spring is also expected across the northern Plains of the United States and some of this wet weather is expected to extend into parts of southern Manitoba and Saskatchewan near the U.S. border."

Add melting snow into the mix, and many regions — including everything around The Great Lakes and the Rocky Mountains — are also at risk of flooding.

Overall, it's a good year to invest in some heavy-duty rain boots, if you haven't already.

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